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Case Bound


Hard Cover, Soft Cover and Flexi Cover notebooks are the most traditional style of book. With a familiar and classic aesthetic, this style of notebook offers durability, long lasting quality and a very professional feel.

Hard Cover

Hardcover notebooks, also known as hardback or case bound notebooks, are well known for their high quality and durability. The hard casing protects the pages inside and the edges of the cover itself from any dents or knocks. Hardcover notebooks have a classic look which exudes quality, and because of this they are perfect for special events or occasions. However, their durability also makes them suitable for frequent use.

Hardcovers are made by covering the inside book block with three pieces of board which are held together and protected by your choice of material (link to material article?) such as cloth, card or leather. There is an individual piece of board for the front, back and spine which ensures every side of the book is protected, and creates more movability which enables the book to lie flat. Each section of the hardcover case can also be branded.

The book block is held to the case via a sheet of card which is pasted to the front, back and spine of the book. This piece of card is called an end paper and also allows for extra customisation.

Soft Cover


Softcover or softbound notebooks are different to hardcovers in that they have a single piece of material (traditionally heavy paper) acting as the case rather than the thick board. Because of this, softcover notebooks are cheaper to produce and so are generally more appropriate for everyday use, and in cases where high quantities are being produced. The single piece acting as a cover also creates the most flexibility.

We offer softcovers in either faux leather or real leather, which both create a high quality finish and ensure the inside pages are still protected. An optional lip can add to this. Similarly to hardcover notebooks, the book block is held to the cover by end papers which are glued to both pieces.

Flexi Cover

Flexi cover notebooks are similar in style to hardcover notebooks, but offer more flexibility in the cover. They are produced in much the same way, but use a much thinner board for the casing. Because of this, they offer the same quality and durability as a hardcover notebook, but the cover itself is more flexible. The Flexi Cover appears the same as a classic, hard or softbound notebook in terms of style but when picked up is notably different. The flexibility adds a contemporary and more practical twist to a very classic and elegant notebook.