Book Printing

Book Printing.

 At Bookblock we use state-of-the-art printing presses, automated binding systems and quality materials to leave you with the best product possible. 

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Affordable Quality Printing

Creating beautiful books can be an expensive and complicated process, especially in large format sizes with full color imagery throughout. We’re here to help you make the most of your artworks and guide you from design to publication, whilst keeping costs down.

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Bulk Orders

We have surprisingly low minimums and can print into the many thousands

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Low Price

We own our own bindery so keep prices as low as we can.

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Quick Turnaround

If you have a deadline we’ll do our best to meet it.

Beautiful Customisations

Using a combination of modern automatic machinery and hand finishing in our workshops, you can achieve exquisite looking books for a fraction of the price offered by most printers on large or small runs. We pride ourselves on the breadth of our offer, and hope you love our range of choice.

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Quality Papers

Quality Papers

Our offset presses produce rich colors and crisp text that jump off every page. 

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Binding Types

We offer a variety of traditional and unique bindings to suit your project’s needs.

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Custom Sizes

We offer books in an array of sizes and formats.

1. Binding Styles

Each binding method has individual qualities that can complement an array of uses, depending on your brands needs. Choose from our large variety of book styles.

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Saddle Stitched

A simple but effective way of binding using metal staples, we can bind either card or faux leather.

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The classic style of book, with a hard case that protects the edges of the book.

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Softbound books can come in either faux or real leather, they can have a clean cut edge or a slight lip.

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Semi Flex

Semi Flex books have a thin board cover; resulting in a firm yet flexible style of book.

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Spiral/Coil Binding

Bound using metal coils, perfect for dissertations and written projects.

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The half-bound separates the spine from the cover with a contrasting material to create a classic and traditional look.

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Singer Sewn

A simple but effective way of binding using metal staples, we can bind either card or faux leather.

Bookblock Volant perfect bound notebook


A slim book with a false cover, comprising a sheet of material that tightly encloses the sewn pages inside.

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French Groove

A French Groove has a visible space or joint at the spine, giving an authentic and traditional look.

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If you’re looking for a traditional Italian style, a luxurious wrap-around book is for you.

2. Cover Materials

Utilising different materials can completely change the style and feel of a book. We offer the ability to experiment with colour and texture across the various ranges.

Digital Print - Book Printing

Printed / Laminated

Using Indigo printing to achieve a near perfect colour match on thick stock paper, before laminating to lock in colours.

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Book Cloth

Cloth is available in lots of different colours and feels – some luxurious and some more hard-wearing.

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Faux Leather

Designed to look and feel like leather. Often finished with a soft touch and available in different grains.

Buckram - Book Printing


The most traditional material to bind a book, popular for its hard-wearing strength and its waterproof capabilities.

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There are many types of cards avaliable in different weights, textures and colours. We frequently use GF Smith Colorplan.

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Cloth is available in lots of different colours and different feels – some cloths are soft.

Fayx Leather 02 - Book Printing

Faux Leather

Similar to vegan leather, this materials has a light grain to imitate a smooth leather surface.

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Silk Touch

A digitally printed cover uses state-of-the-art Indigo printing to achieve a near perfect colour match on thick stock paper.

3. Cover Finishes

Considering the finish of your book cover is an important decision, defining the overall appearance of a book. We offer a range of ways to bring your book cover to life.

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Full colour printing with cyan, magenta, yellow and black, to give depth to your prints and the imagery on them.

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UV Spot

To highlight sections of your print with a gloss or matt overlay, bringing out colours and launching from the page.

Foiling Sqaure - Book Printing


A decadent finish created using a brass die and mill, leaving a shiny, coloured impression.

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Dust Jackets

Dust Jackets protect the a book from wear and wear, improving longevity and creates a polished appearance.

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The most popular and cost effective customisation method, suitable for all materials.

Screenprinting books - Book Printing


Ideal for adding multiple metallic designs, or multiple colour designs, silk screenprinting is high accuratly accurate.

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Cut a shape or text on the front cover of your book, revealing an artistic paper photo or colour underneath.

4. Paper Types

As well as having a range of custom printed options we offer a wide range of papers to compliment the insides of your book. We are happy to source different stock if required such as specialist or transparent papers.

Paper stock - Book Printing

Book wove

A smooth, uniform paper, perfect for printing clarity and clean finishes.

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A high gloss finish, ideal for colourful photos and boosting contrast.

Matte books - Book Printing


Ideal for enhancing colour in a rich tone without a glossy sheen.

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Artistic Papers

We offer a variety of different patterned and textured papers to suit your specific needs.

silk square - Book Printing


Silk paper finish has a slight gloss to it, without the high end shine of a gloss paper.

Uncoated book square - Book Printing


Uncoated paper has a textured fibrous feel which is ideal for writing on.

bond paper square - Book Printing


Popularly used for large batch orders, and for its resilient sturdy quality.

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Selection of premium quality, uncoated Munken branded papers.


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Embossing  /  Glossy Paper  /  French Groove  /  CMYK

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Photo Book

 Dust Jacket  /  Glossy Paper  /  Hardbound  /  CMYK

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Semi Flex /  UV printing  /  Silk Paper  /  Hardbound

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Saddle Stitched  /  Foiling  /  Uncoated Paper  /  Card  /  CMYK

Artwork & Design

If you need a little help with your layout, or a full reworking of a design we have a team of in-house designers who can help bring your concept to life. And if you want to create something really special we have an extended community of illustrators, artists and designers we can introduce to projects.

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Kristen Boydstun

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David Doran

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David Doran

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