Braeburn Welcome & Onboarding Gift

Braeburn Whisky Customer Welcome Gift

Braeburn Welcome & Onboarding Gift

Introducing the Braeburn Customer Gift Box: Your Ticket to an Unforgettable Whisky Adventure


Braeburn Whisky teamed up with us to craft a new customer gift box that embodies their values. Braeburn Whisky, where craftsmanship meets passion, and each sip tells a captivating story, knows that leaving a lasting impression is key. Together, we’ve created this luxurious Welcome & Onboarding gift box that perfectly tells that story. We’ll dive into the details of this exclusive gift box and explore how Bookblock helps Braeburn Whisky bring its gifting game to the next level.



The Magic of New Customer Gift Boxes: Making Newbies Feel Like Superstars

When it comes to welcoming new customers, a lacklustre gesture just won’t cut it. That’s where a bespoke Welcome & Onboarding gift box comes in, to make newcomers feel valued, appreciated, and part of the community. A beautifully curated gift box, like the Braeburn Whisky Welcome & Onboarding gift box, is sure to make a positive and lasting impression. It instantly creates a sense of belonging and excitement.


The Branded Customer Gift: A Toast to New Beginnings 

Let’s raise our glasses to gifts inside, which capture the essence of the brand. The welcome box features two elegant engraved Braeburn whisky glasses. They’re not just any glasses—they’re a symbol of the company’s commitment to excellence. Alongside the glasses, there’s a fully printed booklet that immerses recipients in the world of Braeburn Whisky. It shares Braeburn’s rich heritage and the incredible craftsmanship behind every bottle.


Custom Packaging: An Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

Now, let’s dive into the custom packaging that takes the unboxing experience to a whole new level.  The Welcome & Onboarding gift box from Braeburn Whisky is all about customization that blows your socks off. The packaging is meticulously designed to leave a lasting impression. Just imagine running your fingers over the silky-smooth covering of the bespoke silk-touch box—it’s pure luxury. But wait, there’s more! The outer and interior lids are decked out with elegant gold foiling, adding a touch of glam that sets the stage for something extraordinary.


And when that lucky recipient opens the box, prepare for jaws to drop. Inside, they’ll find a laser-cut foam insert that cradles the whisky glasses and booklet, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. This adds an extra sprinkle of luxury to the unboxing experience. The attention to detail shows just how much Braeburn Whisky cares about making this gift unforgettable. Additionally, it’s the kind of thoughtfulness that really speaks to people, leaving a lasting impression and setting the tone for the exceptional whisky journey ahead.

Logistics Made Seamless with WorkSends 

Ensuring that the Welcome & Onboarding gift boxes reach their recipients worldwide is made effortless through Bookblock’s sending software, WorkSends. WorkSends offers a comprehensive solution for brands, encompassing warehousing, order management, and global delivery services. By entrusting WorkSends with their logistics needs, Braeburn Whisky can focus on crafting exceptional whisky experiences while knowing that their gifts will be handled with care and efficiency. Furthermore, the collaboration between Bookblock and WorkSends ensures a seamless process from start to finish, guaranteeing that each Welcome & Onboarding gift box arrives at its destination in perfect condition.


Bookblock: Your One-Stop Gifting Solution 

And that’s where Bookblock shines as your one-stop gifting solution. We’ve got your back when it comes to fulfilling all your gifting needs. Whether it’s manufacturing top-notch gifts for companies, creating bespoke boxes that make jaws drop, or crafting custom planners and notebooks, we’ve got the expertise and dedication to deliver exceptional results. The Braeburn customer gift box is just one shining example of how we go the extra mile to create unforgettable gifting experiences.


So there you have it—the Braeburn Whisky Welcome & Onboarding gift box, brought to life by Bookblock. It’s the ticket to an extraordinary whisky journey. With its stunning branded glasses, captivating booklet, and premium custom packaging, this gift box captures the very essence of Braeburn Whisky. Overall, it leaves a mark on its lucky recipients, making them feel like superstars.