Logistics – Overview

Helping Brands Warehouse, Manage And Send Globally

Hundreds of businesses leverage our warehouse network and fulfilment software, WorkSends, to send product around the world. Discover how we can help you.

Why We Went Beyond Manufacturing

Having launched our own D2C brands we began to understand all the pain points businesses and brands experience getting products from A to B. So we developed our own fulfillment centre and bespoke sending software, and are now offering this service to our customers.

Introducing Bookblock’s Powerful Sending Software WorkSends

WorkSends is a Sending platform packed full of features to help businesses and brands send products worldwide, engage with customers and drive growth. From e-commerce fulfillment and inventory management through to surveys and incentive gifting.

Send Recipients A Link

No address? Just send your recipient a link and let them provide their details for easy, GDPR compliant sending.

Check Every Send

No more shipping headaches, we handle every send and you can track all the way to their door.

Manage Permissions

Provide access to any of your team and control permissions for every account holder.

Brands Using Bookblock

Muslim Aid Australia
The Gap Partnership
EDF Energy
The LAD Bible
Great Britain Hockey
Hush Puppies

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