Strava notebook detail 1 - Why The Notebook Is Back In Business?

Why The Notebook Is Back In Business?

Smartphones serve a purpose, some love them, and a lot of us rely on them. But what about when you travel to a conference out of the office and your phone has died on the way? Or when the subject is too complex to type endless sentences out on the small keypad? Then it’s time to bring in the good, old-fashioned and very reliable notebook.

Notebooks can be used in a very effective and calculated way for saving important information. These notebooks can have many sections that individuals can use as per their choice. Whether you are working daily or on a business trip you can easily accompany this small piece of a notebook.

But it’s not just the reliability of notebooks that makes them great instruments for meetings, there are plenty of other reasons notebooks are back in business at meetings

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Everything you write in a notebook has to matter

Unlike the throwaway, delete, rehash nature of smartphones and other electronic devices, a notebook is a place to write only the most important stuff. They help staff to decide what are and aren’t the most important points about the meeting, knowing the finality of writing in a notebook. These notes can have more significant value as per the occasion or points that are worth mentioning inside your meeting. You can’t check smartphones for each point while notebooks are always welcome inside every meeting.

Short notes, precise planning, and schedules are some of the things that people will write inside these custom printed notebooks. It all depends on how you are going to use the effectiveness of that notebook. Some write down almost every part of daily activities inside notebook while others will only mention the few very important activities. All in all these notebooks can become an important part of your life.

The notebook and the smartphone can work together

Some people love the retro appeal of a notebook, but let’s face it, we still can’t live without our smartphones and just having a notebook simply isn’t realistic. Most people have digital and analog as part of their lives, but they always save the physical notebook for the important stuff, like meetings, schedules and more. With newer generation now moving more towards the digital stuff but still, a notebook is still the favourite to keep individuals focus on their path.

These notebooks have proven a lot of success with lots of personalities managing their tasks with their notebooks. Every important part of the day, meeting with clients, lunch, and every other activity is mentioned inside these small notebooks. They are small and you can carry them easily inside your backpack or keep them in the office drawer. Combination of notebook and smartphone with efficient use will add more balance in your life.

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Notebooks make you think

We all know how tempting it is to Google everything at the first chance. And with a smartphone, this is always an option. But in a meeting, when the chips are down, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have the option to Google and you were able to just flip the page in your notebook instead, and look at your comprehensive to-the-point notes? We think so.

Small information or points in these notebooks can have a larger impact on your work performance. Notebooks can be your source of whole day activities and things that you need to remember about that specific day or main points discussed in the meetings. So keep this Notebook close to your working table for retrieving the required information whenever possible.

Notebooks help with organization

You may think you are pretty organized with your smartphone right now, and you probably are to a point. But how much of the organising is actually done by the walking, talking, singing, dancing phone, and how much is done by your own hand? Forcing the hand of your employees to organize their work life themselves on paper is an excellent step to forming well-organized staff and organising meetings and events.

Full of small and useful information these notebooks will help in making the right decisions. All the right schedule along with their activities can be put down easily. So when you have any doubt about anything just open the notebook and see the notes for confirmation. This notebook leaves a good impression for others to see in your personality.

Notebooks help with problem solving and ideas

When it comes to brainstorming, there is nothing better than a blank sheet of paper. Whether it’s in a bound notebook or a refill pad you might just throw away, thrashing out ideas in a meeting environment only works on paper. These notebooks can work wonder in bringing the best out of your creative solutions for the complex problem.

You can also write new innovative and creative ideas whenever they cross your mind. These notebooks are really handy in writing these simple positive ideas that one can further try out in the real world. Notebooks are in such will act as your partner wherever you go. Just make sure to make enough space for this small notebook with you.

Encourage your staff to use paper notebooks in meetings rather than their smartphones by treating them to a customized notebook from us, each with your company name on and logo. It will give them a sense of company pride, and a place to keep meeting notes. Most of the companies allow small stationery.