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STONE x KRUVE – Quality Through Consistency

Bookblock are proud to have collaborated with a small team of professionals from the Food and Restaurant Industry to make Stone – The Chef’s Notebook.

With a shared love for innovative design and world class coffee, Stone and KRUVE first met earlier this year. Their speciality coffee sifter has caught the attention of the brewing industry for its versatility and precision and has been praised by the likes of Yanko Design and Perfect Daily Grind, as well as being voted 2017’s Best New Product by popular coffee publication Sprudge. So we sat down with KRUVE’s founder Mark Vecchiarelli to discuss ideas, inspirations, and the perfect cup of coffee.

What was the inspiration for KRUVE?

MV: Our team brings together very different backgrounds and skill sets, so we’re each inspired by different designers. But we’re influenced by brands that focus on quality, attention-to-detail, authenticity, and clarity.

It’s also great to see a brand add a healthy dose of personality, creativity, and uniqueness. To that end, we’ve been inspired by leading tech brands like Apple and Google, automotive brands like Tesla and of course, key players in our industry including Acaia, Kalita and  Hario.

But we wanted our KRUVE sifter to be well-represented and well-designed in both form and function. We wanted our Sifter to sit proudly in the kitchen, not hidden away in a cabinet.

Sifter June 30 1 crop - STONE x KRUVE - Quality Through Consistency

Tell us a little about the KRUVE team

MV: We’re friends first and a company second. We’re comprised of two sets of brothers, the Krupas and the Vecchiarellis, hence the name KRUVE. Some people say never work with family, and we definitely have our own conflicting opinions, but we use that to our advantage.

We’ll challenge each other quite a bit before pulling the trigger on any one decision. So, we can move forward with confidence, knowing that our finished product has been battle-tested. When you are challenged, you’re also learning and growing and that’s what makes it exciting.

How do you think home brewing has changed over the past few years?

MV: The Third Wave Coffee or Specialty Coffee movement shows no signs of slow down. There is definitely an emphasis on control and customisation. People want to brew coffee themselves in a manner that they prefer. Even though they like routine, they also like to change things up day to day. So you’re seeing a shift to more manual processes and scientific approaches.

For those that aren’t scientists or coffee aficionados, you’ll still see a more knowledgeable consumer. People know and care about where the beans come from, how they’re roasted, how it’s brewed and how it’s consumed. The entire supply chain and brewing process matters.

Sifter Kitchen 1crop 1024x661 - STONE x KRUVE - Quality Through Consistency

How important is quality equipment in making the perfect coffee?

MV: The equipment is critical. You can’t underestimate the value of a great barista. However, the carpenter needs the right tools. Specialty coffee products are becoming more and more accurate in their measurement techniques and new methods and metrics are being debated every day.

Ultimately, you might think it’s just coffee beans and water and you wouldn’t be wrong. But to what exact degree is the water heated? What’s your coffee-to-water ratio? How much does the coffee weigh? Everything affects the brew and if you want to replicate a recipe, you’ll need to be able to reliably measure each variable. For most coffee lovers, that’s part of  the fun- being their own mad scientist.

How have you enjoyed working with Stone notebooks?

MV: Terrible… just kidding. The Stone team is awesome! You can see it quite clearly in the brand story. There are also a lot of similarities between KRUVE and Stone. That attention to detail, quality and authenticity is alive in the brand. In other words, it’s clear that there is an amazing team, paying attention to their customers, and working to build something great. I look forward to working together more in the future.

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What can we expect from KRUVE in the future?

MV: I can’t share too much at this stage, but let’s just say I’m very excited about what’s coming. This fall, KRUVE will be launching our second flagship product. As with the KRUVE Sifter, we’ll be crowdfunding it on Indiegogo. We’ll also be offering some deep early-bird discounts and gifts for early adopters. Those that are interested can sign up to our newsletter here to be the first to know when it launches!

Exclusive Deal: Stone customers can enjoy 15% off the entire KRUVE store and receive early access to new product launches by subscribing to the KRUVE mail list. Simply enter your email here for your exclusive promo code. Keep up to date with KRUVE via their Instagram and Twitter (@kruveinc) and kruveinc.com.

Find out more about Stone here.