Our Favorite Leather Goods Kickstarter Campaigns

As makers of leather goods and leather stationary we are always keeping an eye out for what interesting new creations have been concocted. One of the best places to do this is on crowd funding websites. We’ve taken a look back at a few of our favourite Kickstarter Campaigns over the past couple of years.

1. Travellr – Travel Bag & Razor Case
Travellr’s story began during  when its creator, Kyle Koster, was traveling. Having reached into his bag and sliced open his finger on the exposed blade of his razor, Kyle, a craftsman and leather worker,  responded by designing a razor case and travel bag so this would never happen again. Travellr is built in the US from full grain Horween leather called Buccaneer.  This specific tannage has a water resistant finish and is the perfect material for the Travellr Kit.  They’ve craft each case by hand and assemble with copper rivets, premium brass hardware, genuine YKK zippers and durable thread.

2. Minimalist Leather Bags by Linjer
The founders created Linjer after years of toting around uninspiring laptop bags, and being frustrated by fruitless searches for elegant, functional work bags under $1,500. They saw the beauty of a simple solution and our answer was to create our own leather products that we could treasure and sell at a fair price—one that isn’t inflated by expensive storefronts, middlemen, or excessive marketing campaigns. They chose the name Linjer (Norwegian for ‘lines’) because ‘what could be simpler than a line? Clean, understated and an essential part of everyday life: the name reflects the minimalist Scandinavian style that inspires us.’

3. HYDE classic leather bags, wallets.
Kendal & Hyde founder introuduced the project with a simple statement that clearly resinated amongst its backers – ‘Everybody has a passion (or weakness depending on who is talking). Mine is leather bags. I like bags that are tough, cowboy tough. Bags that Indiana Jones would take into the jungle. Bags that get better with age and wear and that will likely outlast me. Bags that look and feel like bags did a century ago. Problem is, such bags are hard to find and can run north of $600—usually very far north. HYDE was born out of my frustration to find such a bag at a reasonable price. Not finding what I personally wanted for sale, I decided to just make my own.’