Our Top 3 Leather Accessories

It’s that time of year where we’re getting organised for the year ahead… and what better way to do it than with some sophisticated leather?
One of our favourites, This Is Ground, have so many beautiful and practical leather products. The Cord Taco helps you clean up annoying wires lying around in your bag, pocket or house. The premium leather greatly changes the look from messy to cool and organised. The taco is made from 100% leather and seals shut with a metallic snap. Works great for earphones, USBs and other small wires.
£23.63 thisisground.com



Classic leather specialists Symthson stand firmly as a loved British name. We love their classic Panama diary: the original portable companion from 1908; practical, durable and discreet. We also have a weakness for Smythson’s customisation options, which allow you to personalise your favourite Smythson leather products.
£95 smythson.com



Swedish designers Kikki.K are creating some beautiful leather products with unique additions. Definitely not your standard organiser, we can’t get enough of the lining within these chic folios. Available at kikki.k.com.f