Notebook Blogger Reviews

Last year we launched our sister brand – Bookblock Original. Since its birth Bookblock Original has gone from strength to strength. There have been some fantastic collaborations with established illustrators from all over the world, they’ve launched a fantastic online customisation tool and received some brilliant reviews from bloggers and creative news platforms. Below we’ve listed three of our favorite reviews

1. Creative Boom 

Creative Boom explore the very best work from the fields of art, crafts, graphic design, illustration and photography – and are passionate about championing and providing inspiration to graduates, independents, freelancers, studios and anyone who has a love of creativity.

“This particular product captured the imagination of the creative community in 2015 with the launch of its successful Kickstarter campaign. It has since showcased the work of Mattias Adolfsson, Rob Flowers, Annu Kilapeinen and Supermundane on its soft-touch covers, along with many other leading designers, illustrators and popular bloggers.”
Bookblock Original ReviewBookblock Original Review 3Bookblock Original Review 2.jpg