Clerkenwell Design Week Custom made notebooks

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Last month Clerkenwell played host to surprising and delightful collaborations for the seventh edition of Clerkenwell Design Week. ‘CDW Presents’ bought six specially commissioned public installations to the area, each in context and offering a fresh insight into design and materials. The Fringe, sponsored by Greene & Co, gave visitors a chance to explore the rich creativity within Clerkenwell, as local practices, businesses and organisations threw open their doors

bookblock-clerkenwell-design-week Outside

There were some fantastic events and exhibitions going throughout` the week but a favourite of ours was the Future of Design pavilion, Clerkenwell Design Weeks first education and community project, that aimed to inspire more young people to take up careers in engineering, architecture and design. The project was developed through a series of workshops run by Scale Rule, a local collective of architects and engineers, and supported by Clerkenwell’s AKII and Grimshaw.

Another favorite was the Sealmess Collection exhibited by the Zaha Hadid Gallery, which was Zaha Hadid’s exploration into a new language of design and architecture, fusing complex curvilinear geometries with detailed ergonomic research. Also presented are a continually evolving exhibition of architecture models, and the studio’s latest product design

bookblock-clerkenwell-design-week Zaha Hadid

To celebrate Clerkenwell Design Week’s 2016 showcase of leading UK and international designers from 24-26th May, newly launched Bookblock Original teamed up with leading Irish artist and illustrator, Claudine O’Sullivan, on a limited edition collection of custom made notebooks. Beautifully bound in her distinctive colourful animal pencil drawings these must-have designs are available to pick up at the Additions exhibit each day for just £15, along with a wider selection of her stunning prints and portfolio pieces. But don’t worry if you missed out, as her notebooks are now available to purchase online here