Vegan leather customized journal book block

Customised notebooks for UK Scouts

Scouts UK gave us a call to see if we could help them. They were off to Japan in a few days time and wanted to produce a set of one thousand notebooks, to take with to while they represent the UK Scout’s in Japan at their world meeting. We were more than happy to help them.

The key features they wanted in a notebook were durability and somewhere to store all the leaflets and handouts they would receive whilst away in Japan. We suggested that an A5 vegan leather Monsieur Notebook would be a durable and functional notebook available in the bright red to suit the conference colors, and that we can fit an extra capacity pocket at the back of the notebook to fit all the flyers and handouts they could want, Monsieur notebooks are true to A5 size which gives them a little extra room vs a Moleskine or Castelli notebook.

The logo was debossed on to the front of the notebook along with matching ribbon and elastic.

More examples of our customised notebooks can be found here. Book Block have the machinery to manufacture and print any type of vegan leather notebook within a matter of days. We can custom match colors, replicate previously made notebooks or completely design a new style for your or your clients. We have a hand finishing unit based in London which specialize in one-off books and leather hand bound books. We can also offer gilt books, leather books, non-leather books and even Moleskine notebooks all in a matter of days. Book Block have a sales team based in Chicago and in London, allowing us to turn around orders and quotes quickly ensuring we meet your deadlines.