Custom Journal with debossed logo in soft pantone macthed leather manufactured to order by Book Block Custom Journals

Custom Journal for Rekorderlig

Rekorderlig first contacted us back in 2014 to help them design a custom journal for their company event at the end of the month. The brief was simple, they wanted a luxury notebook that matched their brands key colors but that would stand out when given to their clients and actually be used rather than left in a desk draw.

Book Block sent a range of samples up to Rekorderlig so they could see the vast range of cover materials, papers and leathers we have to offer. In the end their designers chose a soft Italian leather notebook custom made to order by Monsieur Notebook. Monsieur notebook has hundreds of leather colors, finishes and style to choose from and all can be made in a few days rather than weeks. So if there is a color or pattern you are looking for and cant find it on Book Block, dont hesitate to get in contact with our designers they will be able to find the exact match for you.

The soft leather notebooks were branded with a simple debossed logo in the center of the book. Debossing is one of the best ways to brand a leather book, leather fibers lend themselves to the heat and pressure created by the hot stamping machine to create a beautiful effect for even the most complicated designs, such as this notebook we made for the design solution.

Reckorderlig loved the custom journal and now regularly reorder notebooks from us, as we keep all dies and designs on file we can manufacture reorders in a matter of days.

Photography taken at Studio Hire London location Clapham Studios