Customise your notebook with a debossed logo


Our most popular customisation method, suitable for all materials. Your logo is milled onto a brass die, heated and impressed into the cover of your notebook.

Logo debossed on the front cover

Why Deboss your notebooks?

Debossing, or blind embossing, is one of the simplest and most popular ways to brand your notebooks. Embossing works particularly well on a leather cover journal but we can brand all kind of notebooks with this technique. We can also emboss your logo on faux leather, Moleskine style vegan leather and fabric. Some faux leather journals are thermo reactive, like the Castelli Tucson notebook, resulting in a contrasted two-tone effect. A debossing on card is similar to letterpress.

To get the debossed effect, both heat and pressure are combined, impressed onto the notebook by a brass bit milled with your logo. This is called a die-stamp. We have both manual and pneumatic machinery to cope with any quantity you might have in the shortest of timeframes. We leave the die-stamp a little cooler on our hardcover leather notebooks, which leaves a slick and subtle impression, and can cope with fine detail. We deboss our soft leather notebooks quite a bit deeper, as the soft leather springs back, which is better for debossing large areas. Both our fabric and Moleskine-style PU notebooks achieve a similar finish, as the bookcloth material is stretched over greyboard. It is the greyboard that is compressed, with the material forming over the curve.

Exemple de débossage
Faux leather sketch notebook with embossing

Pricing: What are the costs of Debossing?

A single debossed logo is included in all the prices of our customized journals an extra debossing costs around £1 or $1.5 per Notebook. But the more you order the cheaper it gets. The table represents the average cost of a debossed customized notebook with a single debossing.