Corporate Gift Sets

Premium Gift Set & Package Manufacturing

We pride ourselves in creating unique, eco friendly and impactful gift sets and packaging for brands that care about quality. Discover what we can do for your business.

Onboarding Gifts & Employee Welcome Gifts

Looking after your staff increases motivation and productivity, reduces staff turnover and improves the working atmosphere. We can help you welcome new staff and congratulate the old.

Membership Pack Production

We excel at creating relevant and unique gift sets. If you work for an organisation who wants to impress new customers with branded materials, quality products and on-point packaging look no further.

Retail & PR Packaging

We have manufactured packaging for some of the most famous brands. With thousands of materials matching any brand colours, and box designs for every possible need we can be your brand ambassadors.

Custom Made Presentation Boxes

You may have loose items that need to be bolstered, or delicate crystal that needs to survive a journey to the other side of the world. We can help create a visually stunning presentation box that remains elegant wherever it goes whilst allowing a snug safe fit on the inside.

Bespoke Mailsafe Packaging

One of the most basic requirements for samples and products is to fit through the humble letterbox and survive the fall. We can create tamper-proof packaging that will always arrive even if the recipient is not in.

How We Work

Our process ensures we provide you with the best possible end product, providing support throughout the entire process.


Understand your project, consult, propose, mock and budget.

Product Dev

Draw, develop product, artwork consultancy and test.


Prototype, production management and quality control.


Complimentary fulfillment software, storage and international distribution.

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