Why Choose Branded Stationery

As markets increase in size and competition grows, companies are always looking for ways in which to separate themselves from the crowd. Often it can be the smaller touches that can make the difference, so here are some reasons why branded stationery can make that difference

1. Free gifts for clients and customers
A great way to be remembered by your clients is too give them something they’d like to hold onto, something that will sit on their desk for long periods of time. A well made leather notebook with your company logo is an excellent form of passive marketing. Subtly reminding them of your presence as they write notes or look over their desk.
It has been proven that customers feel more comfortable purchasing from established businesses rather than new brands and branded stationery feeds into an idea that you are a business with history.

2. Demonstrates that you care about the small details
Customers feel more confident about businesses that think about the smaller details.
By using branded stationery internally rather than plain stationery you are showing that you care about the little things. After all, if you care about the fine details within your business its logical that you will show the same level of care for your products and services. This is very important when considering consumers are more willing to spend money with a company that has a reputation for a quality service.

3. Proving you know how to source quality
Regardless of what type of business you are, whether it be service or product based, sourcing will always play some part in your business. Having good quality custom stationery will show that your company is capable of sourcing quality, presumably at affordable prices.
For example, if a company uses cheap notebooks to write their notes in meetings it suggests either a lack of care or an inability to source quality material at good prices.

4. Make yourself stand out

There are so many industries with business not only offering identical services but that are trying to feed off the success of others. These businesses are normally trying to benefit from the success that others have had and by having the same look, they hope to attract customers. However, this might not always be the best option.
Differentiating yourself from the competition, even if you are operating similarly, can attract more customers. One way of doing this is by branding everything you use; including your stationery.

Unique stationery that is branded for your business can be one of the best sellers for your products and services. It allows you to project a professional brand image to reassure potential customers that you provide a good service and quality products. It can also help with the long term marketing of your business when they are given away as a free gift. So while there is an initial outlay, having branded stationery is well worth the investment.