Customized Notebook with Debossing

Warehouse – Soft Leather Customized Journal

Warehouse, the UK clothes retailer, approached Book Block to make a set of bespoke customized journal to accompany a new product range launch.

The client wanted to make a sleek looking notebook without elastic. As Monsieur Notebooks are easily customized we suggested a ice white leather notebook with matching ribbon. The customer loved the final finish and found the true true A5 sized notebooks easy to write in with their flexible leather cover which lays flat allowing you to use the entire width of the page.

Monsieur Notebook offer a range of leather notebooks which can be endlessly customized, they can come with or without colour matched elastics, ribbons, pen loops. They can be printed on, gilt edged and can even come in customized shapes and sizes.

Warehouse opted for plain 90 GSM ivory paper for their notebooks, this is ideally suited to writing and doodling in pen and pencil. All paper used at Book Block is acid free, most often we suggest ivory paper for writing but the choice is yours.

If you cant see the perfect customized journal or notebook on Book Block get in contact, our book binders and printers have years and years of knowledge to ensure we can create the perfect notebook for you.