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Sheet Fed Printing

Sheet-Fed Printing

Sheet-fed offset describes a machine that sucks in sheets of paper of your choosing to then print on. These large sheets of paper are called ‘parent sheets’. As you can choose the paper you will generally get a much higher quality item produced, and more suited to your specifications. Sheet-fed machines are the industry norm for high-quality items, and give the best printing options in commercial print.

Why Choose Sheet-Fed Printing?

Sheet fed presses are used in the printing industry to print jobs that require lower counts. For example, if a printer was printing a job that required 50,000 impressions they would use a sheetfed press. On the other hand, if they were printing a wide distribution magazine, a high speed web would be used.
It was said, years ago, that sheetfed printing was used for quality printing and web for volume. Today, that is no longer the case. Web and sheetfed can both give equal print performance. It is more now a matter of your preference and the length of run.