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Printed Notebooks.

Pack your notebook full of information, colour , graphics and images with our full printing service.

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Does Bookblock print notebooks ?

As notebook manufacturers we can fully custom print every page of your book. This means whether you want a simple watermark, glossy photography throughout, a number on each page, a novel or a colourful diary, we can do it. Most of our printers can accommodate CMYK print allowing rich full colours, but we also use large offset printers that allow for additional inks so that you can choose spot Pantones throughout your items.

How shall I design my printed notebook?

A common feature is to put sales or company information in the front or back of a notebook, with the rest of the pages left for notes. A good way to do this is to use our “printed endpapers” option, available in our notebook builder. Feel free to ask our team for our end pages tutorial to help prepare your design. We also offer part (up to 16 pages in one section) and full printing services to fully achieve your printed notebook. For example you may want to include imagery or photography at various points throughout the book, to remind your customers and clients of the services or goods that you offer, or repeat your own page template on the entire block. 

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If you’re looking to produce a book, the process is very much the same as with a notebook or diary. We can print to your exact specifications direct from a print-ready PDF, or we can compile your files from an InDesign file. We have in-house designers who can help you with layout design and print processing, all the way to creative content and illustration. There are many different features we can help with your printing, including cutting out index tabs from your books, just like an address book, so that your clients can jump to pertinent information and the correct page.

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