Custom Manufactured Cards

Custom Manufactured Cards

Create beautiful card sets for your brand. Choose from dozens of materials, paper weights and finishes, and home in premium packaging to create wonderful and creative products.





Cards For Mindfulness, Yoga, Pregnancy And Much More.

Cards aren’t limited to playing cards and top trumps. Create card sets that inspire, educate or engage.

We have manufactured products that cover a wide range of interests, from meditation, breathwork, & movement cards for new mums, through to language cards for new learners.


Materials That Bring Product To Life

Choose from standard paper stocks, premium card (including GF Smith), or request specific material that we will source for you. We can also gilt edge the card in metallic or a pantone colour for a really unique end product.


Textured laminate on die-cut cartons protect your cards, whilst handmade hardboard slip-cases make them stand out. Choose the same materials we use to make beautiful books and photo albums to keep your cards treasured and add value to your hard work.

Concepting & Design Support

If you have an idea of what you want to make but don’t know how to get across the finished line, get in touch with us so we can help out. From graphics on printed cards to the choice of paper stock it can be daunting launching a product. We’re here to help.

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