The Chef’s Notebook

The Stone is a collaboration between UK notebook makers Bookblock and a small team of professionals from the Food and Resturant industry.


The Stone notebook is made up of 7 key features all carefully considered, designed and implemented.

Water & Grease Proof

Made using natural, environmentally friendly stone paper and wrapped in a durable yet beautiful vegan leather cover, the Stone notebook is completely water & grease proof.  

Perforated Pages

As well as alternating between plain and lined the Stone’s pages are lightly perforated making it easy to rip out recipes, briefings, timings and measurments.

Conversion Charts

No need for google searches with weight, volume, temperature, liquid, cup and sugar conversions along with a blank supplier list sitting on the back pages of the Stone. 

Sharpie / Pen Holder

The Stone’s pen holder means you’ll never lose or have your sharpie stolen again. The elasticated material also means that the Stone can hold pens and pencils of all shapes and sizes

Lay Flat Design

Smart notebook design and manufacturing means that the Stone will lay open flat without having to break the spine, making it easy to use in the kitchen with just one hand.

Hidden Magnet

The Stone holds two hidden magnets behind its back cover making the notebook extra sturdy on steel kitchen surfaces. Combined with the lay flat design this makes for easy use.

How to order

Choose Your Quantity

You can order any quantity above 25 units. We have Red, Black and Tan Brown covers in stock.

Customise Your Cover

We can customise your Stone by debossing or foiling your restaurant Logo onto the covers.

Customise Inside

On quantities of 150+ you can print anything on the inside pages, from recipes to photographs.

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