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Types of Notebooks

Types of Notebooks

There are many different types of notebook and inevitably some are more suited to certain uses than others. Broadly speaking, notebooks tend to vary in terms of the cover material and how they are bound, so how the collection of pages inside (known as the book block or text block) is attached to the cover. Here we explain the different types of notebook available, how they are made, and how this impacts their style or practicality, so you can choose the right type of notebook for your individual requirements. Some of the things to consider when choosing a type of notebook are:

What specifically are the notebooks for?

Are they for personal everyday use, a one off special event, as gifts, or for customers? Each of these will carry different requirements and your choice of notebook will create a particular impression of you and your business.

How will they be used?

Some materials and binding methods are more durable and therefore have more longevity. If you need notebooks for exhaustive everyday use, decide whether you want to invest in more durable material and binding, or whether you want a lower cost option that you replenish more regularly. Also bear in mind how protected the books need to be.

When is your deadline?

Some types of binding are more complicated, involving more steps, and therefore take longer than others.

What is your budget?

Different types of binding and materials impact costs, as well as page count and customisation.