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Leather Alternatives

Leather Alternatives

There are few things more traditional in stationery and publishing than a leather journal but for some leather just isn’t an option. For some it’s a question of ethics, for others its price that plays a key part, but for those seeking an alternative there are now many leather alternative options. Like leather, these alternatives can be used on most notebook types apart from the volant.

bonded leather

Bonded leather 

Made from excess leather off cuts from the textile and footwear industry which are then ground down before being reconstituted with a binding agent which is then rolled and formed into a new stronger leather. 




Faux leather 

Made from a thick thermo reactive material has a soft touch finish, which is particularly suited to debossing. It has a slight patina designed to look and feel like leather, and is available in different grains.

vegan leather
faux leather

Vegan leather

A smooth vinyl coated paper with a slight leather grain, favoured by Moleskine and other leading brands. The material is covered in a clear waterproof varnish, adding strength to the notebook.

Silk touch

Similar to vegan leather, it has a light grain to imitate a smooth leather surface. This material is available in a limited range, and has a silky feel akin to the smooth faux leather.