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Card is one of the best choices for adding interesting textures and colours to your notebook. It has the flexibility to be used on offset printing which means that you can print the same as you would on paper. Paper specialists such as GF Smith Colourplan have a large range of colours, and others such as Fedrigoni have luxurious and unique products. There are endless card options, and card is used on ring-bound, volant, saddle-stitched and singer sewn notebooks.


G . F Smith

George Frederick Smith was an enthusiastic pioneer of paper and card, founding G.F Smith & Son in 1885. George travelled worldwide to source papers, placing his business in London and Hull, trading as a truly merchant way. G.F.Smith paved the way for coloured and textured card, creating ‘Plan 8’, or what is now known as the ‘Colorplan’. Plan 8 was G.F.Smith’s first range of eight coloured papers designed in 1968 to accommodate the new trends and movement into the bold use of colour. These colours were new to the industry and were majorly successful, becoming eventually what is now the Colorplan. The colorplan was the first of its kind to offer a broad range of colour in every weight, size and finish, and is the go to source for creatives.

The possibilities with card are endless. A few examples of the textures, styles and colours that can be achieved are listed below. This list is not exhaustive and many can be combined. Card stock can also be available pre-printed with patterns.

  • Gloss
  • Woolen texture
  • Metalic including
  • Grained Metalics
  • Corrogation grain
  • Webbed grain
  • Velvet
  • Neon
  • Silk touch
  • Transparent/lucent
  • Cross grained