Occo came to us with a desire to create Journals and Deskpads that build highly effective habits and accelerate personal development.

To-Do Planner Pads

These pads require specialist handwork. The cases are first created in more than one section on our machinery, before the specially made blocks are glued in by hand.

Our team comprises traditional bookbinders who maintain skills often forgotten in modern binderies.


Our books are smyth-sewn as standard allowing for lay-flat binding, perfect for journalling. The allows the user to get the maximum amount of space out of a page, writing across the full width.

Product Details

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The cases on deskpads are still created on the same machinery as standard book cases, but need to be finished by hand.

Matching Materials

We have a large range of materials to choose from, allowing us to match up different styles and colour choices to make the perfect range.


Tear-off desk pads require perforation at the top of the page. Our machines pierce the paper allowing for a discreet, neat tear once used.