HappySelf Journal

One of the projects we’re most proud of, we helped HappySelf bring their idea to life.
“Daily journals for children and young adults using scientifically proven methods to promote happiness, develop healthy habits for life and nurture curiosity.”

Original Design

A flush-cut faux leather notebook with debossing.

– On brand elastic band and ribbon
– Printing throughout
– Belly band and eco-friendly shrinkwrap
– Round corners

Special Editions

Using the wide gamut of colours available in faux leather, we helped HappySelf build out their brand within different editions.

This requires strong organisation within our factory, managing lots of similar looking items with different interiors on lower runs.

Adult Edit

A family-friendly favourite that grew-up

– A daily quote or affirmation to help you feel positive and resilient
– Practice gratitude by sharing your ‘top three things’. Think small moments
– Build self-awareness. Select the emojis that best reflect your feelings that day
– Plenty of space for free journaling. Write, doodle or just keep going with your daily gratitude
– Get started with questions, checklists and challenges designed to create lasting happiness habits

Languages & Translations

– Now translated into eight languages
– Award winning with attention in national press
– Over 500,000 journals sold since 2018
– Shipped to over 100 countries

Strong Girls Club x Happy Self

Limited edition collaborations; an exciting way to build your audience


New branding with entirely different colour pairings and belly band prints.

Pantone Printing

Two colour printing throughout the book with greyscale from black and a specific Pantone red.

Low quantities

We’re happy to accommodate low-run requests at reasonable prices comparable to full runs as part of bigger orders.