The iconic French brand required
training notebooks as beautiful as their jewellery.

Original Design

A reputation to uphold

– Soft linen cover where other bookcloths are rough
– Crisp foiling despite woven material
– Red to match Cartier’s colours
– Back pocket with logos to match printed endpapers

Second Time Around

Subtle changes

– Same material with an updated logo
– No spine board for a round spine
– Information pages printed through the book
– Quotes to break up notes pages

Cartier x ESCP

The latest book changed the material from a soft linen cloth to a wipe-clean vegan leather. We kept the same colour profile and re-introduced the spine board to prevent material creasing.

Round Corners

Most bookbinders do not have the machinery in place to provide round corners, and many that do produce rough edges with excess material. Our machinery provides a smooth edge every time.

Lay-flat Binding

Our books are smyth-sewn as standard meaning that they can fold flat upon open. We bind in sections of 16 or 32, depending on the size of the book.

Spine Board

The customer requested a rigid spine board to give a perfectly flat spine. Other options included no-spine board or glued to the block, resulting in an inward curve when the book opens.