Bespoke Diary for Wrinkle & Crease

Featuring the gorgeous bespoke diary we have created for the retail brand Wrinkle and Crease.

We’ve worked with many retail brands before. Manufacturing for brands involves manufacturing products to each brand’s specifications, making sure they reflect their aesthetic and pricing needs. We also work on the design elements, suggesting suitable materials, colours and production techniques that fit the brief.

The process of manufacturing for brands can be complex and requires careful brainstorming, coordination, and communication between everyone involved. But the advantage of this is control over the quality, cost, and efficiency of fulfilling orders.

We’ve manufactured for many brands, for many items for various businesses. Industries such as tech, food, and retail. The list goes on and on.


The Company: Wrinkle and Crease

Wrinkle and Crease approached us to make their bespoke diaries. This company started as a small humble business. And now, they have grown into an international stationery company.

Kayley Reed founded the business in 2014 in Calgary, Canada. Her goal then was to have a creative outlet. Working full-time, she thought of a way to express her creative ideas. This is how the brand Wrinkle and Crease was born. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Wrinkle and Crease offer a variety of paper products. From gift tags, art prints, notebooks, planners, and cards for every occasion. They focus on mindfulness and intentional living. With this in mind, they inspire customers to slow down, reflect, and be present.

They also strive to make eco-friendly products. Collectively we use FSC-certified paper and soy-based inks. The soy-based inks are nature-friendlier than petroleum-based inks. They went green with the packaging too, using biodegradable & recyclable materials. Overall, they commit to being environmentally responsible, with both their materials and practices.

Bespoke Diary for Wrinkle and Crease


The Product: Bespoke Diary

We understood the assignment when Wrinkle and Crease reached out to us. They wanted a bespoke diary that spoke to their own values. And we delivered! As a result, we ensured the bespoke diary we created for them met their requirements.

Since Wrinkle and Crease are also known for their eco-friendly products, the bespoke diary we created for them is tailored as such. We created a cloth-bound bespoke diary for them using a robust burgundy cloth. It gave a refined yet strong finish to it. And to align with their values, the fabric used is made of sustainable materials. Then it is made with printed card belly bands and gold foiling on the cover. The look is so classic. And the materials used guarantee durability. Overall, it is in line with their products’ minimal & modern designs. And since it’s custom-made, it’s one-of-a-kind!

Cloth is one of the popular choices for diary or notebook covers. Why? Well, first, it’s durable. So, it can withstand wear & tear from constant usage. Fabric materials are also cheaper than leather. And most significantly, they are eco-friendly! The cloth we source is REACH compliant. All in all, this matches what Wrinkle and Crease envisioned for the bespoke diary we made for them. A perfect fit!

Bookblock is Eco-friendly!

Over the years, we have created eco-friendly products for various companies. May it be notebooks, bespoke diaries, planners, and many more! We also made a lot of these for our own brand. With FSC accreditation, it only means we only use responsibly sourced papers. But beyond that, you can list your requirements for us to incorporate into your products. Check out our eco-friendly options. From eco covers to paper options to eco packaging!

Why choose to go eco? With global warming, we should start being friendly to Mother Nature. By using sustainable materials, we reduce negative environmental impacts. We can help nature by conserving renewable natural resources. In return, nature helps us. How? Well, mainly with its health benefits. And it’s cost-effective too! Eco-friendly products last longer. This results in long-term savings. Totally a win-win situation! So, let’s help Mother Nature. Then watch it help us back.

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