9 Creative Packaging Designs Trends

Choosing what your brand needs to transmit to the right type of consumers is not a piece of cake and it´s  not about selling a product anymore, but creating an experience that will make your customers come back for more. There are a lot of aspects involved in the design of a package, from its shape to its colour, typography and even material, every single detail can make an absolute difference and will have an impact on your customers. Here we show you some packaging designs from some brands that we have loved so far.

1 – Let’s go back to the basics; the simpler, the better.

Having a basic design package can definitely raise your product, making its content clear to consumers and having what matters visible in an easy way. Imagine seeing the product and its ingredients at a glance, clear and concise. Undoubtedly this design offers the consumer the possibility of making decisions in a more intuitive and informative way,  as there is no time to analyse the details and characteristics of the product. Basic information and simplicity are key elements in many brands such as the case Tapped  and Glow Chefs


2 – Handwriting or lettering is a top trend

Undoubtedly everything done by hand adds an extra touch to the product, maintaining a traditional and organic appeal. A simplistic and flowing typography take over the digital and structured designs give the product a warm and trustworthy appearance that makes the consumer feel emotions that are directly associated with tranquillity and nostalgia. See Aquatadeus or Vet Vodka.


3- Colour Explosion

From simple shapes, we move on to colour. The psychological effect that colours produce when making decisions is well known. The marketing industry knows this very well, that’s the reason they also use vibrant and colourful designs, not only on a single product but on a whole range of the same category.  The colour also makes a consumer remember the brand in a much more intuitive way without using the name as such. See Brown Sugar 1st 

4 – Repeated patterns

The use of pattern can result in a complicated design, but if done correctly, the customer can easily identify the product. The use of patterns gives the design a dynamic touch while sending a powerful message to the consumer. There is no doubt that this technique is a very useful resource when it comes to creating identity for your brand so the customer will remember you in a simple way. Have a look to Kangan Arora


5 – Using Illustrations as narrative

Creatives always try to tell a story when designing a product or slogan. The company Smash Mellow not only transport consumers to a place of fantasy, but also immerse them in the product and its history, making it feel familiar.

6 – Traditional appearance

Do you remember when you used to receive packages meticulously wrapped in brown paper with string? Well, it seems that this traditional method of wrapping has been lost due to new and fast shipping methods. Here we have an example of the company Kokomo which has decided to give this traditional and vintage look back to their coffee packs, achieving an authentic and genuine finish. Images via Behance.

7 – Transparency

Thanks to the application of new technologies in the packaging industry, creative agencies can now experiment with transparencies that allow the consumer to see through the packaging. Not only giving the consumer confidence, but also giving them a visual touch and  interaction that makes you pause for a moment to observe. A very effective method that can be seen in brands such as Beehive or Delisoy

8 – Vintage

Ironically vintage packaging is evolving and moving forward with the application of new technologies. They are not only trying to adapt to the new designs without losing their loyal customers, but also trying to attract a  new generation of consumers eager to explore the food and products of past days. A good example is theMakers & Merchants, brand, which maintains and evokes the nostalgia of their products while giving them an avant-garde appearance. This makes it possible to draw the attention of two different generations with the same product.

9 – Ecological and friendly products.

The organic and ecological vibes seem to be here to stay, not only suitable for food, fashion and other items, but also packaging. The creative agencies are well aware of this new cool trend by adapting their packaging to a model that creates a positive impact and the arrival of new consumers. A good eco-label will sell your brand as an eco-friendly product that does no harm to the environment, uses recycled resources and will not have unpleasant repercussions for you.


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